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Ypsilanti, MI


Tutor in Ypsilanti, MI

If your child is falling behind academically, an Ypsilanti, MI, tutor may be able to assist him or her in meeting scholastic goals. The experienced professionals at Dynamic Tutoring Service have been helping students achieve better grades in school for more than 37 years.

We've worked with more than 15,000 local students in a variety of different subjects including math, English, social studies, science, and foreign languages. We offer many different types of programs designed to prepare your child for academic success. We also offer:

  • Math and reading tutoring
  • Help with essay questions
  • Remedial tutoring
  • SAT tutoring
  • ACT tutoring

Our flexible scheduling includes morning and evening appointments so that your child's tutorials won't interfere with school hours. Our practice exams simulate real testing conditions to best prepare your child for what he or she will experience when it's time to sit for the actual exam. We can help your child no matter what his or her learning style.  Give your child an extra boost with the Ypsilanti, MI, tutor that's dedicated to client satisfaction. Call Dynamic Tutoring Service today to find out more about the many services we offer.