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Remedial Tutoring in Ypsilanti, MI

At Dynamic Tutoring Service  we work with clients that have attention-deficits, auditory processing difficulties, learning disabilities, dyslexia, autism, physical and mental challenges, and emotional difficulties.

Children that have been diagnosed with these challenges are frequently average to above average in intelligence, but their impairment has blocked learning. Once they have been diagnosed and proper treatment is given, learning may resume, but there may be educational gaps.

Through diagnostic testing, we can identify where these gaps are and determine the present level. We then provide remedial instruction to fill in these deficits. Lessons are planned on a daily basis with careful attention to skill development, so that a solid foundation is built.

The Help and Attention Your Child Needs

Often times the learning-deficit may have developed from the child not receiving proper instruction for their learning style. If the child is below third-grade, a multi-sensory approach is used. If the client is above third-grade, instruction will be based on their learning style.

Deficiencies in learning can also be caused from illness, changing of schools, changing of teachers, and other physical, emotional, mental or social difficulties.

Whatever difficulties the child has experienced, our program meets their level of functioning and provides the necessary provisions for educating them to the maximum of their potential. Self-esteem may have been affected due to low-performance in school. This leads to a lack of motivation. As the child proceeds through the educational system, if no intervention is provided, the child may become discouraged and drop out or become a discipline problem. Students at Dynamic Tutoring are programmed for success. As the success is attained, the student's self-esteem builds. They become motivated, at they realize that they are capable of doing the work assigned.

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