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Ypsilanti, MI


SAT and ACT Tutoring in Ypsilanti, MI

Our team of experienced tutors offer personalized, one on one tutoring for students of all skill levels and ages, who are preparing for their SAT or ACT exams.

We employ only the best, most qualified tutors to help you or your student exceed his or her goals when it comes to the SAT and ACT exams. We know what it takes, what to expect on the exam, and how to get the best results.

Best potential test results are achieved through:

  • One-on-One testing instruction
  • Pre-tests (Determining the students areas of strength and weakness)
  • Test-taking strategies (Such as process of elimination, educational guessing and familiarity with test format
  • Practice Tests (To be completed at home)
  • Post-tests  (To show progress made)

Why risk getting mediocre scores on one of the more important tests you'll ever take? Call the best tutors; call Dynamic Tutoring Service and ace your SAT or ACT exam!