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Ypsilanti, MI


Effective Tutoring Service in Ypsilanti, MI


If your child is falling behind academically, an Ypsilanti, MI, tutoring service can help. Dynamic Tutoring Service has been helping children improve their grades and increase their learning comprehension for more than 37 years. We understand that building a child's self-confidence is often the key to increasing academic performance, so we work hard to identify and overcome obstacles to the learning process.

We also help children develop effective learning habits for the future. We work with students who need support in a variety of different subjects, and we're dedicated to client satisfaction. Our friendly, knowledgeable tutoring staff has over half a century of tutoring experience between them. When you work with us, you get access to:

  • Convenient morning, afternoon, and evening tutoring sessions
  • Summer intensives
  • Individualized learning plans and instructions
  • Online programs
  • Home schooling programs

At Dynamic Tutoring Service, our prices are reasonable, and our success rates are high. We've worked successfully with more than 15,000 students in the time we've been in operation. Whether your child needs help in the classroom or preparing for a standardized exam, an Ypsilanti, MI, tutoring service can make a positive difference. Don't let your child go on struggling when help is so near. Call us today.